rubber dolphin

rubber dolphin

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Lanco Toys products are made according to a traditional production, where quality is a must and some parts even be done manually. The most important is that gay favorite toy figures are toddlers. Whether it's a sweet little elephant, brightly colored rubber duck or lamb is cute, within the shortest time 'ie the new boyfriend of your baby!

The natural rubber toys Lanco is specially designed for toddlers. So all playing figures are completely safe to suck or bite because they are painted with a completely safe and even edible dye. They also have a lovely soft rubber texture and if your child it pinches or bites, it sounds very sweet ringing sound.

Hours bathing fun
Besides the usual toy figures, there is a range specially designed to safely take a bath. These products are completely waterproof and will float in the bathwater. Even after many hours of bathing pleasure they remain completely safe to suck or bite.

Feel and Learn
Extra special is the sensory toy line, focus on feel and explore. These figures have added bright colors to attract the attention of your child and striking forms that can easily hold your baby to stimulate his eye-hand coordination. The soft rubber has different textures that can detect your baby safely and comfortably on to suck.

Natural materials
All toy figures of Lanco Toys are made from 100% natural rubber and are free from harmful substances such as PVC, BPA and Phthalates Nitrosamines, so babies a completely safe choice.

Category: Bathing
Age: 0+ months
Nice packaging for gift giving
Easy to grip
Ideal for teething

Cleaning advice:
Rubber toys can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. We recommend to keep this toy under the tap or bathe.

Note: playing and teething toys natural rubber does not sterilize or clean in the dishwasher!